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Recommended usage rate 0.25ml/L throughout grow and bloom


· Increased disease resistance
· Increased resistance to pathogenic airborne fungi (e.g. Powdery Mildew)
· Increased resistance to waterborne pathogens
· Increased resistance to insects/pests
· Increased strength in cell structure
· Increased stress tolerance
· Increased drought tolerance
· Increased salt tolerance
· Increased yields
· Increased quality (higher essential oil production)

Super Silica Overview 


Super silica is the most concentrated agricultural grade liquid silica product on the market today. When Super Silica is compared to most other brands, when applied at an equivalent ml/L usage rate, it proves to provide significantly more ‘Plant Available Silicon’ (PAS) to hydroponic solutions.


The quality of a silica product for use in hydroponics comes down to the amount (%) of ‘plant available Si’ (PAS) that any given product provides. This can be accurately measured using the 5-day method for determining the soluble silica (Si) concentration.


Currently, as I write this, the Californian Department of Agriculture (CDFA) is working towards standardizing this test for listing Si percentages (as PAS) on silica product labels. This is being done so that consumers are able to evaluate just what they are getting for their money with regards to plant available silica in any given silica additive.


Below is a table showing the plant available Si (PAS) percentages in just some of the various silica products that are available through hydroponic stores and/or agricultural suppliers. All tests conducted using the 5-day method for determining the soluble Si concentration.


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