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Fortified with Iron, Zinc and Boron to promote optimum flower development. Citrate Buffered.  


PK Elicit is a biostimulant, PK Booster that, besides P and K, incorporates other key essential nutrients that are required to achieve prolific, healthy flowering. Additionally, PK Elicit utilises phosphites (Phi) and low molecular weight organic acids to bring out the best in your crop.


NPK  1 – 6 – 7

Mg 0.7

S 0.5

Fe 0.04

Zn 0.007

B 0.01%


Recommended usage rate 1 – 2 ml/L during bloom 


EC when used at a given ml per litre usage rate (all tests carried out in distilled water)


1ml/L PK Elicit                                                  0.4 mS/cm (423 uS/cm)

2ml/L PK Elicit                                                  0.673 mS/cm


PK Elicit + Coir Flores EC


2ml/L Coir Flores + 2ml/L PK Elicit                     1.7 mS/cm

2.5ml/L Coir Flores + 2ml/L PK Elicit                   2.022 mS/cm


For recommended usage rate see feed chart


· Increased yields
· Increased quality (higher essential oil production)

Important Notes 


PK Elicit contains two organic acids. These organic acids promote healthy microflora in the substrate and act as chelators/complexors to aid nutrient availability and uptake. 


However, as a result of these organic acids, PK Elicit has a low/acidic pH (approx. pH 4).  Because of this, when you add PK Elicit to the nutrient solution a drop in pH will occur.


When mixing a new nutrient solution always add Super Silica first. Super Silica is highly alkaline (it has a high pH) so it raises pH when added water/nutrient solution. After adding Super Silica, pH adjust to approximately 7.2 using pH down. Then add base nutrient. Lastly, add PK Elicit which will lower pH. Make any pH adjustment required to bring the solution range into optimum of pH 5.5 – 5.8 from there.

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