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STONE-AGE mineral composite is an organic plant supplement based on the same minerals we use in the production of our GRO-DIRT range of premium organic living soils.


STONE-AGE is formulated to provide multiple, premium sources of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Iron, Silica, Sulphur and a full suite of trace minerals, derived from Natural sources, Ancient rare deposits and Volcanic origin.

These are complexed with slow release Australian Humic & Fulvic compounds in their raw natural forms, making the nutrients bio-available to your garden without resorting to the use of chemicals like EDTA.


STONE-AGE is comprised of 100% active ingredients and 0% fillers.

STONE-AGE can be used to treat a multitude of common garden ailments, in a soil friendly, high quality, organic source.


STONE-AGE contains premium sources of Calcium and Magnesium, balanced in the correct ratios and can be used to very effectively treat Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies common in certain systems, and under certain spectrums of light.


The premium sources of Phosphorous and Potassium contained in

STONE-AGE increase the size and structure of flower buds, in addition to improving root growth and plant strength to help support the extra weight of these heavy flowering tops. This is in contrast with cheap Mono-Potassium-Phosphate based boosters that brutalise your soil microbiome and often burn your plants.


The luxury levels of naturally derived Silica boost yield weight and resistance to pests  in a natural way, while Sulphur compounds, in conjunction with the suite of other premium minerals, contribute to increased enzymatic responses in the plant.

This results in higher levels of Terpenes, Flavonoids, resin quantity and quantity.


STONE-AGE is perfect for building new soils, or rejuvenating soils that have been in use. Just mix in at your desired rate (refer to calculator below) to supply a good base for future crops.
It is perfectly safe for top dressing and easily moves down into the soil structure where it also helps to improve soil till and  moisture holding capacity as well as PH balance and CEC. You can use STONE-AGE on your indoor plants, as well as outdoors and it is suitable for young plants through to mature plants.

Beneficial results can also  be achieved by adding a small amount to aerated compost teas.

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