Bluelab Ph & Conductivity Starter Pack

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The ultimate solution for measuring pH, conductivity and temperature on the go

Your toolbox contains: Bluelab pH Pen, Bluelab Conductivity Pen, Bluelab Grow Book, Bluelab Probe Care Kit – pH and Conductivity
Measure pH, conductivity and temperature in solutions
Care, clean and calibrate your products with the Bluelab Probe Care Kit
Bluelab pH Pen is easy and fast to calibrate for ongoing accuracy
Fully waterproof pens, not just water-resistant
Selectable measurement units so you can customise with your preferences
Bluelab Conductivity Pen has a flat electrode for easier cleaning
Hold reading function to capture every measurement with ease
Automatic temperature compensation for accurate readings anywhere
Auto-off function to extend battery life
1 x AAA battery included with each pen, getting you started immediately
One-year peace-of-mind warranty

Conductivity, pH, care and calibration – in one box
Take care of all the fundamentals for thriving plant health
The fundamental parameters of pH, conductivity and temperature all play a pivotal role in driving optimal plant health. With the Bluelab BLUELAB PH & CONDUCTIVITY STARTER PACK, you’ll have everything you need to measure the fundamentals in one box.  

While conductivity indicates the total amount of nutrients in your solution, pH (potential Hydrogen) shows how acidic or alkaline your medium is, which determines nutrient absorption. Temperature affects your plants’ growth rate and structure.  

Get these fundamentals right from the very start by regularly measuring pH, conductivity and temperature to ensure that these are always within the correct range. 


Keep your pens in optimal condition
Handheld cleaning and calibration
The Bluelab BLUELAB PH & CONDUCTIVITY STARTER PACK contains everything you need to master the fundamentals. Not only will you get the Bluelab Conductivity Pen and Bluelab pH Pen, but you’ll also receive our Grow Book, which is full of information about growing healthier plants. 

A Bluelab Probe Care Kit is also included, which contains sachets of pH 4.0, pH 7.0 and KCl solutions for calibrating and storing your pH Pen, as well as 2.77 EC standard solution for testing your Conductivity Pen after cleaning. This kit also includes probe cleaner and cleaning instruments.   

Lastly, your toolbox includes a grower’s wall chart, which shows the preferred pH ranges for different crop types. 


Our compact and robust handhelds
Accurate and customisable measurements
Providing accurate readings at the click of a button, you can rest assured that the user-friendly Bluelab Conductivity Pen and Bluelab pH Pen will give you reliable results, every single time. 

In addition, these pens offer a range of in-built measurement units; for conductivity, you can choose between EC, CF, PPM 500 (TDS) or PPM 700; for temperature, you can select ˚C or ˚F. 

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