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    Carbo-Max by Grotek is a powerful additive with potassium and simple sugars that provides the buds with a greater density and an unbeatable perfume. By adding it to your fertilizing mix, you’ll obtain high-value flowers.

    This product only contains high-quality ingredients that are completely water-soluble, which is ideal for drip irrigation systems. You can use it in any growing medium as soil, coco, hydroponic, NFT or aeroponic.

    Carbo-Max supplies your plants with fast energy that accelerates their physiological processes, getting them to assimilate higher amounts of nutrients. It produces visible effects with a few applications, the calyxes will be bigger, will grow in greater numbers and will be covered by a layer of trichomes.

    You can combine it with any base fertilizer, but in combination with other Grotek products you’ll obtain professional results. Check the complete feeding chart so you can provide exceptional cares to your plants.


    Application: 1g to 4 litres of nutrient solution and apply once the buds have begun to grow, until two weeks before the harvest.

    Not suitable for foliar applications.

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