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    De-Gnat works as a natural insect control. AKA Fossil Dust, our DE compound is made from the ground-up bodies of prehistoric diatomic fossils. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a form of silica that can control insects by desiccation. When in contact with a pest, the DE absorbs the waxy, oily, outer layer and the pest dehydrates.

    De-Gnat will control the pests as long as the powder remains. In this respect, De-Gnat is an ideal pesticide; it is residual but non-toxic.

    De-Gnat provides the following:

    Sate around people, pets, and ponds
    Organically sourced and refined
    Easy to apply
    Safe to use on food and ornamental crops
    Free from chemicals
    Beneficial as a soil additive
    Dry Application
    Sprinkle De-Gnat over the plants, leaves and stem base. To coat the underside of foliage, use the squeeze puff action.

    Wet Application
    Mis 15g of De-Gnat per litre of water. Spray all sides of the plant and underside of leaves. Only use the foliar application during the vegetative and early flowering stages of growth.

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