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    The substrate conditioner. 


    BAC Flush (formerly ‘Weekly Scirup’) is a vegan, organic additive that maintains a clean substrate and root zone free of waste salts and mineral buildup. BAC Flush provides rapid fermentation and conversion of all waste salts around the root hairs by stimulating specific groups of micro-organisms that produce high quality and quickly absorbable enzymes.These enzymes ensure that waste present in tap water, such as Chlorine (Cl) and Natrium (Na), are bound and removed. This harmful waste no longer impacts the EC near the root, allowing your plants the maximum potential to absorb usable elements.

    We recommend using BAC Flush as a flushing agent every 7-14 days. Flush should be diluted in water, NOT added to your nutrient solution. 


    This product is also suited for preparing your substrate for re-use. Use of additional enzymes is not recommended with this organic product.


    Store product only in its original packaging, Keep away from frost and light. Keep out of reach of children. Shake well before use. Do not store below 8º Celsius.

    0.6ml per litre diltued in water 

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