Hortivision CMH 315w 3k Lamp (Double Ended)


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    The Hortivision 315w DE CMH lamp is built for master gardeners! Hortivision has engineered a unique DE 315w CMH lamp to suit any existing DE Reflector. A unique ceramic arc-tube with optimised gas ratios for true horticultural performance.

    3000K spectrum

    Perfect for those looking to upgrade to ceramic CMH technology in their existing reflector!

    315w DE CMH technology allows for increased essential oil production and an improved PAR per watt ratio compared to traditional HID lamps and luminaires.

    Hortivision has designed a variety of 315w ceramic solutions for the knowledgeable hobby grower and commercial facilities alike. Hortivision CMH lamps operate best when used with Hortivision or HI-PAR Ballasts and fixtures.

    CMH is likely to become the choice of the connoisseur looking for the best quality produce.

    All Hortivision DE CMH lamps require the used of a lamp shield. This accounts for the additional UV light output from a CMH lamp and ensures safe working/growing conditions


    Engineered Ceramic Arc Tube design
    Double-Jacketed glass for safety
    THD 90%
    Increases essential oil production
    Complex patented mixture of gasses optimised specifically for horticulture
    Long lamp life – 20,000 hrs recommended with 90% maintenance at 10,000hr
    Higher UV and Infra-red output calculated for plant resin production
    DE – Double Ended bulb for secure mounting
    930/2800k – Effective for vegetative and floral growth

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